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Say Hello to Our Staff

In one of our introductory activities called “Who are my People,” each of our Trainers takes a moment to introduce themselves in a different, non-dominant culture way.  It focuses on getting to know people in a more meaningful way that leads to connection.





Sareli Beltrán

My people hablan dos idiomas; tienen one foot on each side of la frontera. My gente gets tongue-tied cuando usan las dos lenguas at the same time. Se les cohíbe el cerebro al descoger un idioma sobre el otro; they resist the message that they don’t belong. Mi people están doing the best que pueden to raise and lead their familias despite the challenges of today. My gente come from la tierra del Maíz, con la piel de color canela and amando el agua y la light de la obscuridad. My people color all over the lines, sometimes adentro but most of the time they just like the way the colors bleed together. Al final de cuentas- ellx pintan para si mismxs. sbeltran@letstalkdiversity.net






My people believe in the connection between earth and all living organism. My people struggle to follow in the footsteps of others before me whose decisions have led to hurt. My people take time to question and reflect on themselves. My people resist the toxic masculinity that clings on our identity as straight cis-male. My people don’t always feel the need to speak or be the center of attention, rather they enjoy observing the energy of the room. rbolton@letstalkdiversity.net

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