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Say Hello to Our Board Members

Liliana Cabrera


Denise Piza

Board Chair

Denise Piza was born in Gudalajara, Jalisco Mexico.  She has been a part of the Madras and Central Oregon community since the age of 7.  Currently she resides in Madras with her husband and 5 children.  Denise wants to be able to live in a community that values diversity and that is equitable and inclusive of all.  In her free time Denise enjoys dancing, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


Jolene Estimo


Jolene Estimo Pitt serves as the Treasurer for the Let’s Talk Diversity Board. She is a big believer in organizational and individual capacity building. Her worldview is one of holistic systems, grounded in tribal knowledge, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. She has worked with tribal communities, rural and regional communities, organizations and teams as a catalyst to inspire leadership. She is the creator of several innovative, outcome driven programs, curricula, reports and plans. One of those plans, titled the People’s Plan and the companion publication, The Keepsake Book, which was said to be the “best tribal plan I’ve seen” by Dan Van Otten, a senior technical adviser for the Administration for Native Americans.

Today, as she transitions to become an elder, she is committed to share her tribal teachings locally and globally; to call community members forward to live their lives fully, in relationship with the Creator, to identify their roles, their place, and to contribute their gifts to the community.

Jolene is currently expanding her Training, Facilitation and Community Development business, while serving as a CASA advocate and developing a cultural and environmental restoration project.

She is of Palouse and Wasco tribal lineal decent. This heritage, combined with an M.B.A. has shaped a fresh perspective she offers as an innovator and a social entrepreneur.

In Jolene’s spare time she also enjoys playing golf, participating in her cultural teachings, and spending time with her family and her husband Louie.


Karina Smith

Member at Large

Karina Smith is originally from Argentina. She has been living in Central Oregon for about 12 years with her husband and three children.  With a background in Law and Education, she has been serving Hispanic families for more than five years in public and private schools in the area.  Currently, she is pursuing her doctorate in Transformational Leadership in Education. Her passion for helping communities to understand the work of equity leads her to pursue opportunities to create a place of healing and understanding among different social groups.  In her free time, Karina loves spending time reading and traveling with her family.

Aaron Fisher

Member at Large


Aaron was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to the Hoosier State, he lived as a child in Florida, in New Mexico on the Navajo Nation Reservation, and as an immigrant in New Zealand, before moving to Madras at the age of 13. He has lived in Madras since then, besides four years attending college in Minnesota and some extended trips through Mexico and Central America, and currently resides in a house in Madras with his three children and a variety of pets (two chickens, a cat and two goldfish).

Aaron started taking Spanish classes in 8th grade, and continued to learn and practice the language through his summer job at McDonald’s, more Spanish classes in college and a semester spent studying in Mexico. His fluency in Spanish has led to many great friendships and has been the foundation of his career in education, where he has worked to help newly arrived immigrants to the United States, migrant farm workers and their children, and the Latino community. His life experiences have taught him to acknowledge and appreciate different perspectives, to value inclusiveness and bringing people together through increased communication, and have inspired him to strive to gain attention for give voice to overlooked segments of the community. In his spare time Aaron enjoys spending time with his children, reading, watching sports, and walking around outdoors.

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